Anyone else ever done this?

So I was going thru old pics so I can get them organized and came across this pic of my six year old then I looked over at my Libby I just finished and was like no way

my daughter
<img src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/6/8/681b69e38d7c505c5cd005b7a5721cc95c28b103.jpg" width=“666” height="500"Libby


Good match but I also see Sadie!

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Wow funny what you’re mind sees and you don’t even realize it perfect.

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That is really neat…!l…:slight_smile:

You know who I really see? Phoenix by Cassie Brace

Good match !! I finished Grant and then we realized there is some similarities with my son’s baby picture .

How cool is that. What a great match x

So, is she a keeper now?!!! I have seen similarities but not that close!

I see Gemma or is it spelled Jemma?

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I make a lot of gingers and they all resemble my daughter. I think I’m trying to get her back. She’s pretty much grown up now.

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I need a ginger. All of a sudden I’m crazy over them!!!

I have to make some more eventually. I bought a full ounce of that supposedly strawberry blonde hair that turned out to be quite red! I love the gingers. Somebody told me they don’t sell as well though. Do you think that’s true? Maybe that’s why Nikkita is still there.

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I heard that about gingers too. But I love them!

Great match!! I also think she looks a lot like the Spencer sculpt!!