Anyone done "Eden"?

Has anyone painted Eden? Have pictures?

A friend back home wants me to do her for her sister. I am not thrilled with her limbs… they sure are dolly looking.
I think her face will be ok though. She sure has a big ole head… oh boy!

I bought different limbs for mine. I don’t like the ones that come with her at all.

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I am going to use them but I really don’t like them either lol

Cooper arms are on sale for $2.98 and they’re nice ones. You might want to reconsider.

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Here is my Eden. I agree not the best limbs especially the arms.


I would consider other limbs but I am making this doll for a friend back home and cut her a deal. So I’m not going to spend more than I need to. Plus that big head will have to be rooted lol

She is really cute! Thank y’all for sharing your Eden’s.

I don’t mind how big the limbs are they just aren’t very detailed and look “dolly”. Although the nails are well defined lol