Any tricks?

Does anyone have ant tricks up their sleeve for inserting eyes in a head with no eye sockets? I opened the eyes on a closed eye baby and have been trying to get the eyes to stay in place for 2 days. They keep shifting out of place before the glue dries.The eye openings are very small, kind of slits, and the eyes can’t go in from the front. Enlarging the eye openings won’t work because of how it’s sculpted. This is an 11 inch baby so there’s not a lot of wiggle room in the neck or head.

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You may have to build a socket behind the eyes with silicone. It takes a while to dry but it can work. Hopefully somebody can give you better advice .

On Celeste’s large head. I used flat eyes and a piece of felt. Glue the eye to the felt and then glue the felt inside the head. Good luck…

I did what Syndi suggested on my Celeste and then after the eye was in place I built up silicone behind it. It wasn’t easy though. I did her eyes three times.

The eyes are flat backed ovals but they’re 4X the size of the slits. I tried doing it with moleskin (my reborning duct tape lol) but it’s too sticky. I’ll try the felt. That should work better. Thanks, everybody.

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I tried moleskin too but I had the same problem. It seems like it should work though. I thought maybe I was just a klutz.

Well, if you are, that makes two of us! lol


I FINALLY got it! It only took 3 days! Gluing the eye to a felt strip & then gluing the felt to the head worked. I’m praying I don’t dislodge them when weighting and stuffing the head.


What kind of wax?

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I use mole skin when I need to, It is quite tricky getting into the head over the eye but once it is there it is very secure.

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There is a thing called “eye wax”. I used to use it for porcelains. Why I haven’t thought about using it on vinyls beats the heck outta me. I’m going to go see if I can find some. It seems like we got it from Secrist or one of the porcelain companies.

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Kemper… We bought it from Kemper. I remember.

Sooo…I went and bought some. ($4.95 from Kemper). I’m going to see if it works for vinyls. It was wonderful on porcelains.

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