Any Reborns for sale?

Finally I have my dolly money! I am looking for an open-eyed reborn 18-20 inches $150-$230. No crying or grumpy faces please. Show me what ya got!!
oxoxoxo- Georgia

Go to a lot of members sell there.


I could do any baby on bountiful baby for that price, check out my nursery page for prior work. All my love reborn nursery on facebook

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I cannot find it can I have a link?

I have a closed eyed baby for $199. She will be on eBay on Tuesday because we are traveling currently.

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I have a couple in that price range. I’ll send you a pm.

Here is

here is my nursery

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Hope you find that special baby!!!

I’m excited for you :smiley: :heart:

$225 plus shipping in US. It’s the Lulu kit, can also be a boy

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sent pm