Any Opened eyed preemies?

I am able to purchase a baby in late May. (When school is out!) Show me your preemies! Open-eyed please :slight_smile:

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I have a Clyde Awake available. He’s on the larger size for a preemie (17-18") but he can wear preemie sizes.


He is so beautiful! I am sure someone will snatch him up before me though :confused:

I do not have one for sell but Ruby Blick is a sweet little kit. She is 17 inches. This is my 3 year olds favorite baby, after I painted her my little one fell in love. She said " look mommy her smiling at me" and I knew I could not sell her then.


Butter cup bonnie brown

Meredith by Bonnie Brown is adorable! This is one I made… Aprox. 16" and 2.5lbs


How much is she? Beautiful!