Any more fairies or elves Bountiful Baby?

Anybody know if Bountiful Baby will be making any more elves, fairies, etc… again? I love all the new reborns, but I want some with pointy ears! :joy::elf:t4:‍♀️:elf:‍♂️:vampire:t2:‍♂️:vampire:t5:‍♀️:mage:t2:‍♂️:princess:t2::mermaid:‍♀️:woman_genie:️:zombie:‍♂️


Don’t hold your breath. Unless a fairy or elf is born into their family I don’t think there will be any more. They seem to have switched most of their production to Realborns. Not sure if a fairy or elf would hold still enough to be scanned for production even if there was one in the family, so I’d say it’s not on their horizon. I wish there would be more too though.


You can add ears to any sculpt to make one. I have. Lol

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Clover was the cutest little thing ever I wish they still sold clover


Byron would make a cute fairy.

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Lol! :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah I’m practicing that, but I want to skip that if possible :heartpulse:

Yep she was cute, but I think dolly, right? Have you seen Clymer’s? They’re cute too. :heartpulse:

Yeah I may just make some when I’m back.

I loved clover I made mine just baby like. I want to do one fantasy like.
I have seen clymer fairies they are so precious and realistic! I too would love to see more fairies. The baby fairy ones are so cute.


Leif looks like the cutest little elf ever to me. Wouldn’t be hard at all to make him into an elf. :heart_eyes:


Oh she is so pretty!! I don’t know why, but I was thinking of Cupcake! Lol Now SHE is dolly! Not Clover. She’s darling and realistic. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: