Any idea when

Any idea when stina by Lillian’s breedveld will be out?? Im thinking about preordering her but I don’t want to wait forever xD

I believe she is available now:


In the u.s.??

Macpherson’s still has her on preorder though??

Nonies angels nursery still has a lot of kits on preorders…so I’m not sure In which order they get them

I find that buying directly from Germany is often few dollars cheaper. Although, for me the main reason I usually buy kits directly from the sculptor is that I like the perfectly fitting bodies that they have made especially for each kit. The people here offer “body made for this kit” but in fact just provide generic body from their stock. The couple of kits I bought locally, came with so badly fitting body that I ended up altering it and using it for another kit.
White body is the one that came with this kit from Germany, and flesh coloured is the one that came with the same kit ordered from local seller, it was also almost 2 inches longer.

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That’s good to know, @ludmila. Thanks. :slight_smile: