Another Scarlet

Here’s a Scarlet I found on ebay. I think he’s gorgeous! … 43b4139ce9

Oh he is so sweet!

he is my absolute favorite so far, including mine!!! Now I want to order another kit and make him ethnic…oh my gosh, he’s GORGEOUS!
THANKS so much for sharing the link Kim!

OOOOhhhh I Love that one he does not look as grumpy either!!!

Wow, the coloring on him is just beautiful and I love hair. Scarlet makes a great baby boy. He looks very realistic.

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE so far!!! I love the AA coloring…

Wow! I saved the photos for color reference when I try to paint an AA baby for my neighbor. But thinking that this would make a fantastic NA baby too! I didn’t think I liked the worried look but this one is gorgeous!

Wow, all those other translations of Scarlett make me feel ashamed of myself! He/she turned out beautiful!

He is gorgeous, but to me it looks like his lashes are rooted in his eye creases…

— Begin quote from “Deanna”

Thank you all so much for the kind words about D’Shawn!! I really appreciate it!! He was such a pleasure to reborn. Teaser’s Girl…Oh my Goodness! No, his lashes are not rooted in his creases. lol! One of my biggest pet peeves! Eeeeek! I will have to take pictures from a different angle next time. Again, Thank you all so much!
Hugs, Deanna

— End quote

I am so glad to see you on a forum… I am just hoping you will post a tutorial about how you achieved those wonderful skin tones!!! Congratulations on the $$$ sale on eBay… We all knew he would be a winner…

Oh, what a surprise to see he was created by "one of our own. ". Congrats on such a beauty.