Another hard headed kit :/

Got my new kit in the mail! Great news is that she’s freaking adorable and makes me smile even after a bad day. Bad news is that her vinyl is super hard. After Ylenia Marx I vowed to never do another hard headed kit again but I couldn’t refuse that sweet little face.


Oh how adorable!! I can see why you are in love with the kit!


Right! She’s so petite but she’s got a big head. Her hands and feet are so little

She’s so cute!! What kit is she?

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Very cute! I hate the hard heads, too :frowning:

She’s the Smilla kit by Sabine Altenkirch :slight_smile: She’s so precious but be warned her vinyl is really pink and her head is hard.

This one calls for baldy or painted hair.


I don’t paint hair and I don’t do bald babies often so she’ll be rooted. It just makes me pace myself a bit more while I root because I have to keep warming it up.

Exactly what I was going to suggest. No way, I don’t think, that I would try to root a head that hard. I have not learned to do the nice, soft vinyl ones well yet. But, yes, she is a very cute baby.

See I wouldn’t even try to paint hair lol I’d ruin the baby 100%, painting hair is too hard and I’m not willing to put in the work to get good because I like rooting.

I have Smilla in my stash. She’s so darn cute. I’ll do what you’re doing, root slowly and plan on taking my time. :wink:

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She really is sweet! I’m painting her right now and just adore her. She has some roughness on one of her toes so watch out for that on yours, just in case :slight_smile:

I think I will enjoy rooting once I get it down real well. I think that you enjoying so much, and that you do have a way to warm the head and get it rooted, then I think that will work great for you.

A few layers into this happy little monkey! I adore her, she’ll be tough to sell I think


Sure is cute!

Oh I know, How Aggravating. I received a kit that was produced
in Germany from McPhersons with Lovely soft limbs and a hard
I so wish they would start making the german kit heads as
soft as the limbs. Until then, I stay shy of them cute as
buttons or not. Lol… Blessings.