Another Emmy w.ip

Heres another Emmy I would like to share


She’s pretty!! :heart: what size shoes do you have on her? I can’t figure out what size to buy since she has such a wide foot.

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Take her to the store with you and try them on. Just don’t do it if you’re in a hurry because when people realize it’s not a real baby they have all kinds of questions.


She is so precious!!!

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I believe a size 4

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I may just have to do that. Didn’t want to but that just might be the only way! Haha! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :heart: I will have to take mine shopping for new shoes. I need to buy her some clothes too. Well more of a want to buy clothes I sure as goodness don’t need them! :joy:

Very adorable!

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She’s beautiful.

I buy shoes for my bigger toddlers by outlining the foot on a piece of paper and measuring around the foot. Easier to take a piece of paper to the store than a toddler.


Easier, but not as much fun.:slight_smile: