Another begger gone hateful

I received this message tonight from a Pam Pieper


I dont mean to bother you I am not good at this internet thing.
I just have a question would you donate maybe a doll or to my mother who is battling stage 4 cancer.
I dont like asking and the only reason I am is because she is in the fight of her life and I thought a doll or two would give her some comfort and maybe put a smile on her face again.
Like I said dont like to ask anything from anyone but I have email a couple doll companies who sell reborn dolls and the one email wrote me back and said they were to busy to send my ill mother a doll.
I would be will to send the dolls back when my mom no longer needed them. But if cant help me I understand thats ok, could you do me a huge favor though if you know of any redorn doll artist who would donate a doll or two could you send me their names and email address. And I do thank you for your time.

I did respond to her with a No and then proceeded to get nasty emails with this being the first and she only got meaner the more I tried to explain to her:

Wow yea I been getting that for all you heartless bigots. Finding out you reborn people are the most cold hearted people on earth. Really dont know why you bothered to even respond to me email. I hope karma bites you right in the ass I hope if someone in your family has a life threating illiness and you reach out for just alittle help your rejected. Reborn doll people are the rudest heartest people on earth

I am warning you all if she emaiils you this woman goes from mean to meaner when she does not get what she wants. I have blocked her.


Yikes!! :flushed:

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That is so pathetic! You can’t get through to people like that so no use even trying. If I gave a doll to every one that asked for a freebie - then that is all I would be doing.



It is really a shame there are so many con artists out there … how in the world could you even find out if what they are sayinng is legit ? I know many reborners have hearts of gold and would love to chip in supplies and or work on a baby for someone who is that sick … but there is just no way to find out for sure. That aside there is no reason for someone to be so mean … I really do not think people know what all the cost is in making and the time it takes to make a nice baby. I wonder if that person would just hand over a few hundred bucks to a total stranger … I highly doubt it.

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People do not understand how much it takes to make a reborn and that we have a lot of people try to scam us. It makes me mad for someone to use a sickness to try to scam out a reborn! Sorry you are having to deal with this!


Oh my gosh :scream::scream::scream:
Firstly, a doll or TWO??? Really :rage:
I’m sorry but, an ill, weak woman dying from cancer couldn’t even hold 2 reborns…
All I can say is God bless this person because it’s apparent he/she is the one with a cold heart :worried:
I really think these people think a reborn is made in a day… I just don’t understand some people!!! What gives them the right?!!
I’m so sorry you had to deal with this Ang!!! This is absolutely absurd!!!


It’s crazy. They don’t have money to buy a $300 Reborn but expect a total stranger to put that kind of money out.


Wow!! :sweat::rage:

:neutral_face: she lost some screws.

People that beg are the most! We all work hard for our dolls

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Whether she is telling the truth about the cancer or not, it doesn’t give her any entitlement to free stuff or to attack us when we say no. Summer, I too noticed the one or TWO part. I couldn’t believe it. If she had written me saying she wanted to purchase a doll for someone who is sick and needed something on a budget that would have been different. I have worked with lots of people who legitimately were buying a doll for sick relatives or those with Alzheimer’s/Dementia and in every case they were nice and asked for a budget baby. I have also given away dolls but only to people of my choosing at my own discretion when I knew the situation was real and not one of them begged for a freebie.


Wow! Thanks for the warning Angie.

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