Anemic? Painting advice

This is my Lillian. I think the sculpt is cute but my girl here looks like she might need a transfusion. This is my third reborn and first time with heat-set paints. Does she need some yellow or a peachy flesh tone.


I love her! Are you gonna add lashes???

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I think she’s darling!

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I’d add a wash of burn umber.


A was of burnt umber ( yellow ocre can help bit a well ) .
Some babies have very pale skin.


She is beautiful!

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She is a healthy looking fair skinned baby to me. But if You want to warm her up, a very thin burnt umber wash or very thin raw sienna wash may help.


Thanks so much for the advice. I think I’ll go with a burnt umber wash. I have honey blonde/brown hair and would like to go with darker lashes so I think she does need a deeper skin tone.

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I am going to weigh in here, excuse the fact that I just finished my morning tea and I am wired on caffeine.

So I am going to get a little artsy.

Do you like the way she looks, does it speak to you? If you got a baby like this would you fall in love?

I think that is how you make your decision.

I personally like her skin it is very porcelain-esque. She is painted beautifully.

Lots of artists paint in different ways and I love it. Ladonna Briggs uses a lot of orange and deep tones but her babies are pale and have dark hair, they are very vintage and beautiful, she has a background in vintage restoration and it shows up in her reborns and sets her apart.

Bean (Twisted beanstalk) uses a lot of color in a layers, she paints smokey eyes uses unusual colors, does a lot of shading. Her gig is fantasy/monster babies and she does it well, people have tried but no one can paint like her. She brings her creative process to a vinyl canvas in the shape of baby.

Cierra Watson is the queen of AA babies (actually all her babies are painted beautifully) but she paints in deep brown tones and creates a nice balance, her tones range from caramel to cocoa to rich chocolate, her style is this beautiful glow she manages to get with the way she blends and mixes mediums. Her creasing is to die for, she just understands her pallet. She also paints and roots hair with very careful attention.

I know what you wanted to know was, “should I put a layer of brown wash on this baby?”

You could and she would look a little more realistic if that is what you goal is but I would pay attention to how your babies look when you feel good about them personally, is there a pattern?

This is how you develop a style of your own, setting you apart from everyone else. It develops over 25-100 babies it evolves. The evolution comes from you, your creativity, your paintbrush and what you love.

I can’t wait to see more of your babies.


Thank you so much! Love your response​:heart::heart::heart:

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@Gabriell this was perfectly written! All great points and everyone you mentioned are in my favorites category because of their unique style. You have it too Gina! I love your skintone @Newb, but if you darken it she will still look great!


You are so kind thank you very much.