And so it goes

Just in case anyone needs a laugh today, here’s a message I received today:

Hi, I know this is strange to ask but I’ve wanted one of these dolls for a very long time now but just dont have the money to buy one:( my debit card is in the mail and should hopefully be here tomorrow actually… i have a 20 month old son and i really want another baby but this would be the better choice haha! Your one named holly is hopefully in my price range that i set for myself:) and thats also my sisters name! :slight_smile: So im wondering if you could just hold this doll for me and not sell it! haha i know thats a lot to ask but i realllllyyyyyy want her!!!


Oh, boy…“it’s in my price range” and “don’t have the money” don’t fit well together unless your price is free. Hopefully, she won’t torture you with many emails.

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Yep…here we go again.

Yes! That’s a good laugh.

Well - a debit card won’t give her any money if she doesn’t have any in her account? She may be getting a credit card, but is she doesn’t know the difference, she will be in over her head in no time. Tell her to go ahead and set up a PayPal account when she gets the card and she can pay through there. AND if the baby hasn’t sold by then, she can buy her!