Anastatia, Madison and Frida

I received my two Anastasia kits yesterday! Love her mouth! Perfection!!! Hoping Madison ships soon, I saw that she was already released by Andrea Arcello to those who purchased from her. And then there is Frida, who is possibly shipping on Monday! In all of the confusion on her shipping date a few customers were not too happy with others receiving theirs from two other dealers early. I had ordered the three awhile back from another dealer. Today I snatched up two more which were available due to someone demanding a refund! Sooooo… now I will be receiving FIVE Frida sculpts!! I’m tickled pink!


I received my Frida two weeks ago. She’s adorable. I have a custom order for her though,so I can’t really do her the way I would like.

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Can’t wait to see what you do with them. They’re gorgeous kits. :slight_smile:

Mine also! I love her lips like Angelina jolies little ones one for me and one to sell lol…She is due to arrive tonight!By the way maitreasuredbabies your last baby was gorgeous! Reminded me of Jackies little honeybabies or Jacoline Kramer very much so like her work…:heart_eyes: My favorite Anastasia is this one

Take a look at this toe head beautiful real baby of yours.I love the heads also I loved your Presley …Look at this beauty on eBay NOW

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That message sounded dumb …IPad writes for me there is actually 2 beautiful toe head Anastasia’s on eBay NOW.This one is just at high price .I meant to say Your baby is a beautiful little guy.

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