An unusual question

What is the largest doll eyes you’ve ever seen/heard of?

30mm is the largest I’ve seen.

I have done a 48 inch child doll. Her eyes were huge. Lol

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The biggest ive seen was 28,and was wondering how big of kit that had to be!
But 30! Wow

I have a 30 inch ,hubby got me for christmas. Its an adrie stote and although i love her kits i have trouble with the eyes. They recomend one size but i always have to go up a size due to the socket being too big.
Wasnt sure i could find a 26mm, but i did and they are beautiful. They have a 28 and was trying to figure what size kit would need those!

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48 inchers. I’ve done a few full vinyl 48 inch dolls thst take that size.

Where did you get the full vinyl 48” kits? :heart:

Gerlinde Feser made them. I am not sure if she still does.

Looks like she doesn’t make them anymore. Thankfully I have 2 still stashed away.

But you can see them here. The 48 ones were called kids

Couldn’t some eyes be for animals as well?

Probably. They might also be for human figures like in wax museums.

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Or creatures in movie props. :smile:

That too.

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