An AHA moment

Being new, I struggle with everything. As I do more and learn more I get better. I had an AHA moment today with my rooting. I’ve been trying to use the mushroom rooting tool and 3 barb needles. Today I used an uncut 43g needle with one barb. I wrapped a sponge with a rubber band, like I’ve seen, around the needle and figured out the direction of the barb on the needle and now I’m rooting beautifully (well, for me anyway). No broken needles yet. I think the mushroom tool was putting undue stress on the needle. Heating the head with a rice sock and mapping the hair direction also is helping tremendously. Yeah!!!


Heating the head is so much easier and results in fewer broken needles. I just pour the heated rice into the head and use a washcloth or an end cap to hold it in. Don’t cut the eye sockets till you are done rooting (the rice pours out if you do!) So much easier than a rice sock and heats the head evenly. I still haven’t given up on my mushroom tool usually but I also root thickly so extra hairs usually don’t bother me. When I do a sparse head, I’ll give your method a try.

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@djjessie228- I really like what you do with the rice, I have been using a sock and your suggestion will work for me much better. I will just have to remember not to open the nose and slitting the sockets till I am done with everything else!! Great Idea thanks! Let me ask you, how long are you heating the rice in the microwave?