Amelia - - - - - - -

I got my 2 kits of Amelia. Anyone else ordering her - she’s in stock NOW.


I got one :tada:
I can not wait to see her in person =)


I ordered her

I just ordered her the body out of stock

I’m gonna wait … I’ve got too many kits and not making enough money lol


I’m going to take a pass on this one for the time being anyway. I have so many kits and I’m trying to save for ROSE!!

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awww - that’s too bad. They should have a body for each doll kit they have,. :frowning:


I couldn’t resist her! I shouldn’t have bought her but the devil made me do it!!! :smiling_imp:

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Like the song says Jackie—“if the devil danced in empty pockets–he’d have a Ball in mine”!! Hahahahahah

those pockets would be mine!!

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We have bodies for Amelia back in stock. At the rate Amelia is going, the first quality kits will sell out very soon. So if you are wanting to get her within the next couple months or so, you may need to buy her now. We anticipate the first quality kits will be gone tonight or tomorrow! We were not sure how these crawlers would turn out, but when we first saw her vinyl prototypes and put her on body, we knew we had a winner! Thank you Donna for a beautiful Sculpt.


I am going to wait…too many kits already.

She is sold out.

Crazy! Is this a new trend to sell out in one day?


I put her in my cart, added plugs and rings. Went to pay and she’s gone. I’m so upset. I missed Max like that too.


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I did not buy her yet. She is lovely. I really adore her. She might be too big of a project for me at the moment.
I would love to do human hair for the first time on this babe

What do you mean by first quality?

Do you expect 2nds? Is that what you mean?

Will there be seconds??

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