Amazing New Release - 4 Month Sleepy Sage!

4 Month Sleepy Sage is here!

We are pleased to announce that this adorable Realborn®, Sleepy Sage, is now available! Sage was captured again at the age of 4 months old! Sage is the darling little sister of Realborns Joseph, Darren, and Canon. 4 Month Sage is a little smaller than Joseph was at the 3 Month age, but she still has the most adorable chubby cheeks!

You can make Sleepy Sage yours here: Her release is also featured on our website now at: She is the most cuddly baby ever! Don’t miss your chance to own this sweet girl.

Real Sage made so many expressions during her scanning session, we have 4 different versions of her 4 month kit! 3 of those versions are released, and the other is coming very soon. You can see all of her versions here: Search: 3 results found for "sage kit*" - Bountiful Baby (DP Creations LLC).

To see more of real baby Sage, here is a link to view video footage from her photography session: Realborn® Sage - 4 Month Real Baby Footage - YouTube. Real Sage is the most bubbly, fun loving baby, and she absolutely adores the Realborns of herself! She has several that she carries everywhere with her. We hope you enjoy these cute kits as much as real Sage does. :wink:

Bountiful Baby


She is beautiful and I would like one but I want to know that she is not made from the factory that puts out defective kits?


I went ahead and ordered her. Hoping this goes well…

:rofl::rofl::rofl: couldn’t resist eh?

I been wanting her since I saw her so it got the better of me. I will raise a fit if she comes in here all painted over or with wimpy little flanges though!


@bbsupport How old is real Sage now?

She’s so cute!