Amazing hair!

Take a look at this auction… check out the hair… photography… etc… … 338wt_1394

Pia -that baby is just to die for !!! WOW do I wish I could root like that !!!

Beautiful! Wah-Wah, sniff, sniff…I want that baby! How 'bout if I say please?

I agree I need a brown color like that too!!! I also need a dark brown…Cher??? If you happen to have any please let me know I am ready to order again!!! I love this baby I would buy her if I could!!

She’s sooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

That color is light brown neutral-and I have it !!! also have drk brown -both are almost straight like this hair is (please note that this hair is nice and soft but a bit courser in order to get it so long and straight!)

What a cute baby!!!

I just looked at the auction again. My goodness that is a gorgeous baby!!

She is stunning! In all kinds of lighting–you can see the work that went into her! Incredible!