Am I the only one?

I so wish BB could offer seprates on the kits -I love so many of the faces but dont like the limbs or just like to change it up -am I the only one ???

I, also, would like the opportunity and options.


I e-mailed them and they said they dont plann to do it -so over on trade I started a thread where folks can post limbs they want to trade

Cher, that’s a great idea! Why stop at limbs? How 'bout heads, too? I’m still bumming that I overcooked Tayla, and given the opportunity, he’d turn out much nicer. --Rhonda

Sounds great to me, Cher!

When I made Fred and George out of Trey and Tory I used Meg and Sam’s limbs(I think)…I tend to mix and match limbs quite often. So I almost always have a spare head or a set of limbs or 2 or 3 sitting around. GREAT IDEA!!!