AM I losing my mind.....?

So earlier today while at work, I looked on the home page to see what deals were going on. I saw bunches of kits on sale, one if them was Jesse. I put him in my shopping cart, then went back and grabbed another Jasper. I got busy at work and and couldn’t finish my order so I figured I’d just redo my cart and place my order when I got home. I looked just now and they’re gone. I thought the stuff that goes on sale stays there for at least the day…no? I know I’m not crazy, they were really on sale, did anyone else see them on sale today?


Sales are sometime like that on BB. You can’t stop once you start. Get them in your cart and CHECK OUT!!! BTW your mind is fine, lolol!!!


today I was looking on the Kit Seconds page and got Jacelyn and also Clover…but when I looked at my order when they send me the receipt…the Clover kit was full price with COA! I cannot imagine that I really clicked on that! I would not pay that for that kit…I was thinking PLAYBORN! and I was on the Seconds page!

lol Thank you Lynn…seriously I didn’t know what to think. Now that I know this happens, you;d better believe if I see something I’m going to grab it before it disappears. Bummer though because I really wanted Jesse.

Yeah that’s how I felt about the fairies too. Jasper went on sale a couple of weeks ago and I bought him them and was going to grab another today just for the heck of it. I wouldn’t pay full price for him either. So will BB let you cancel the order?

so did you SEE them on sale today? I am starting to wonder about me but I know how cheap I am…I did not ask them for a refund because I am still trying to figure out what happened!

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I have done the same thing you are not crazy.

YEP I SURE DID! They were $19.98 and not seconds. The ones I remember with 100% certainty are Jesse, Clover, Jasper & Celeste. Jesse I put in my cart right away, I then debated between Celeste and Jasper, and eventually settled on a second Jasper who went into my cart also. I just think it’s strange that they came and went so fast.I wonder if they were put on the sale page by mistake then quickly taken down once it was noticed…or when BB saw the discounted orders coming in.

Yes they were on sale. The sales are only on overstocks now, so only the ones outside of the regular amount of kits are on sale. I guess they have a set number of each kit. So the kits they have more of go on sale. I hope that makes sense and helps you out.

I’m bummed that you couldn’t get them while they were on sale! You’re definitely not cray! I hope there’s another sale soon or something. When buying something I usually pick it quick and check out asap. My mom is the opposite…she adds to the cart, keeps looking at other things, and then by check out time it’s sold out! Happened to her recently with a coat that was on sale.

Yes @Sydster that makes perfect sense. Thank you for explaining. I know for next time not to procrastinate. I tend to shop like @Becca’s mom lol. Pup stuff in the cart then go back shopping. I always figure since I’m there shopping I may as well buy whatever else I see/want at the same time. Instead of making a bunch of different purchase…i lose track of what I’m waiting for in the mail. :confused:

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Sometimes BB only has a few of a kit to offer and when they are gone they disappear. Putting them in your cart doesn’t hold them. If it did, people would just fill their carts up and things would sit there. When shopping a BB sale buy quickly and think about it later! LOL