Am I Improving Sculpting?

My name is Bri (17) Here is my latest sculpt . I have been practising and thought I would get your opinion on how I’m going ? I need you to be honest please I wont be offended :slight_smile: I haven’t baked it yet so can make changes to it :slight_smile: cant wait to hear what you guys think thanks so much for you advice . >


I think you are doing better, the thing I notice is the lips and nose are not centered to each other. They are off a little bit. May I offer another suggestion: I don’t know if you use the mirror trick, but set a mirror in front of you as you are sculpting, every little while turn the face around to look at the mirror and you will notice anything that is “off” on your babys face in the mirror. It works wonderfully to see if one cheek is bigger than the other etc. We all are “right” or “left” eye dominant and it shows up when we do things like sculpt. Just a little tip, not telling you what to do.


Your doing pretty good from what I can see. From a painter perspective, I love faces that have round cheeks and button noses. So maybe fuller rounder cheeks? I don’t know it’s a thought.

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Thanks for the advice does this look better? I changed the mouth a bit as well


@lynn @Estelle85

I was going to mention chubbier cheeks but, I see you’ve “fattened” him up a bit :blush: Personally I like the fuller lips you had at first. Maybe add a little more to the top lip. That being said , you are coming along very nicely!! I look forward to seeing your little one complete :grinning: I love his little nose too :blush:

How is this looking ? I added gums and made its lips more chubby also used the mirror technique it really helped thanks @lynn @Estelle85 @Summer


Oooooo it’s getting better! I’m liking the mouth area more. If it is possible , not sure but there seems like. Dip between the eyes and cheeks and then closer to the mouth. Is there a way to mske it more round and smooth if thag makes sense for the cheeks more smooth and full.

She’s really evolving nicely :grinning: I love that you added gums!!

Looking great! :blush:

You are very welcome, sometimes people don’t know about these little tips, and they really do help!! Glad you are finding it useful!!