Am i asking too much for him?

Hi ladies.

I recently finished this baby. And I listed him at 300$ with free shipping. I really need to sell him asap as I’m still saving money for my service dog. But no one seems interested.
Did I price him too high? Please be honest. I can take it. Lol.


Hi, and no I don’t. But pricing is the hardest thing and the next hardest is waiting! I struggle each time I list a baby. Low prices faster turnover. It’s all about what you have invested in it.

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Sales are pretty slow right now.
I think his price is fair and he looks well painted to me. Have you tried making him a girl? That seems to help sometimes.


My sales on reborns are super slow right now, so its either slow or because I have increased my prices. But I am not in a rush to sell them, so whatever.

If it was me needing to hustle up $$ fast, I would paint like a maniac and sell them cheaper. What Sonja suggested is perfect to move them quickly on reborns.

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I don’t think it’s too much for this baby, especially if shipping is included.

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Shipping is included. Yep. Its easier for me to just include it. Lol

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Try listing at $295 instead of $300 and really emphasize the free shipping. A tiny shift in the price is sometimes all it takes. And make sure your main photo is the best one of the bunch. Good luck!


Beautiful tones in his skin

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Have you tried listing him on some of the Facebook buy and sell reborns pages? Explaining in the description what you’re saving the money for might help. Those groups are where I’ve sold a lot of mine.

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