Always Double Check

I order weekly from BB and always order quite a few kits when they are discounted. I messed up this time because I had my basket full and got side tracked and then went back to place my order and didn’t notice that one of the kits came off the discount and I paid full price. I would have never ever bought this kit full price - I have several of the kit already and I only got it because she is a popular kit and I have made so many of her that I like to grab one each time it is on sale. It was my own fault - I didn’t pay attention - but I am kicking myself now for my stupid mistake. Lesson learned - ALWAYS look the order over before closing the deal.


Is there any kind of messaging when items in your cart change price? Maybe we could suggest it. :slight_smile:

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Apparently not - or if there is then I totally missed it. I didn’t even realize it happened until I got my order in today and saw that it was $35.95 instead of the 50% off that I thought I was paying. It was a large order so I didn’t even think anything of the price when I checked out.

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Would it be worth returning it?

Probably not after shipping.

No only that the cost changed in the list. There is a message letting you know that once the order is placed it can’t be changed. For me it’s not a problem because I’m always on a budget so I know how much each item costs and my total before hitting the order button and proceeding to pay.