Alpaca/Mohair I processed

This is the first time I’ve messed with raw fiber. I learned a couple of things, such as if your rubber bands aren’t extremely tight you will comb all of your hair out into the sink :joy:
Also, trying to find the cut ends of black hair that is in a matted pile and only 2-3" long will nearly make you blind! All in all, it’s kind of relaxing sorting and bundling hair while watching a movie. The fawn and black are Alpaca, and the pale is Mohair I bought last year. I plan to root some of each on a practice head to see how they they root and might sell some later on as a pound of hair is a LOT


I found that the stickier the rubberband, the better it holds on to the hair while washing and combing. Nice lot of hair :+1::+1:

I feel like this took a really long, long time :joy:

It does… and if you use a cat slicker brush, lots of stab wounds to the fingers :sweat_smile: the hair looks really good though, you did a nice job!

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Thank you! I’ll try the brush as I feel I’ve missed the full experience by using a comb :rofl::rofl:

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