show me your Alonkias

Thinking about doing Alonka have anyone completed this doll.And what do I paint her with.She is free shipping and comes with a body.They have her for 189.00

Aloenka? She is 40 inches tall. :slight_smile: Not sure if you can heat set her?

I have her if you’re interested, @Toutlaw. Paid full price, but will let her go for $180 with free shipping. I just don’t have time to paint her.


What was you going to paint her with.And di she come with the cloth body and connecters.Will she fit in nuwave

Darn i dont have air dry just genesis.How wasyou going to paint her.


Hello do you still have this kit for sale?

I still do gave her, @Satinysilke. Still haven’t found the time. :slight_smile:

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What’s the price? I have 4 nuwaves and believe I can now paint this kit. Do you have the body and connectors as well?

@Satinysilke you are going to be a real baking machine with all of those nuwaves in motion, lol. I am jealous

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I had to buy them. I’m baking these large kits.

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I love this kit as well and have her on my future list. I have contemplating putting her on layaway many times but have not bitten the bullet yet.

Please let me know if you want to sell the kit. Thanks!

I’m ready. I know that I can paint her now. I doubted it in the past.

I’ll sell her at whatever price I listed for Tahiti, @Satinysilke plus shipping if you are willing… I was just sitting here wondering what I could sell in order to make a larger donation for storm victims and here you are wanting this kit. Wonderful. 100% of this is getting donated, plus whatever else I can scrape up. P.m. me if you are ready to proceed. :slight_smile:

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Great! I did check McPhersons and they have her for $189.99 with free shipping. How much would shipping be to 94587?
And you do have the body and connectors right?

Just checked shipping… came up to like $18.98. Ugh. I do have the body and connectors… but it would be cheaper to go through Macphersons. :expressionless:

Post pics when you are done. I like looking at the big girls… not many people do them. :slight_smile:

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She won’t fit in a newwave. I made her into a zombie, and she had to be baked in my home oven. There’s no way she will fit in a new wave.

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I’m going to stack my extender rings.

I’m sorry that I’m just seeing your response. I will be sure to post pics.