ALL Seconds kits, Realborn and Regular Seconds, ON SALE!

Hey Everyone!

The sale you have all been waiting for is finally here! ALL of our second quality kits are on sale! Prices start at only $16.97! We have many Realborn seconds as well for only $24.97 PER KIT! This is an incredible deal! Now is the time to stock up! Our seconds deals are featured towards the bottom of our home page at:

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Bountiful Baby


LOVE IT! Ordered 8 kits earlier and might order more. Thank you.


How long will they be on sale

What should I buy?!

Slight imperfections. I’ve had a kit with a tiny black spot in the vinyl that looked like a ballpoint pen had touched it. Sometimes the vinyl of the head can be thicker in some parts, which can make rooting a little more time consuming. Sometimes plugs don’t fit in the limbs or head like they’re supposed to. Sometimes the flanges are irregularly shaped, but they end up inside the cloth body anyways. Sometimes there are also slight imperfections like pinpricks or little “bubbles” in the vinyl. Those are the issues I have encountered with seconds kits.

This post title got me so excited, thinking that the kits were all on sale again. sigh :crazy_face:


Lol same!!!