All ready for spring

Kylin is ready for spring( me too)

I was bored and had


That’s cute! I like her rosy cheeks💕

Thank you, they aren’t that red but its really overcast.

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Thank you!

This outfit is gorgeous! How long did it take you? It looks like forever!

Very pretty!

It took me about 2-3 hours. The bonnett and booties take about 30-45 min.each.the outfit is a bibbed onsie so the details(sewing buttons and embellishments)take a bit of time.its the counting and making sure its even is the most time consuming. And thank you

Thank you, have loads of time and plenty of

Wow! It takes me longer than that to knit a bonnet! I’m no faster at crochet either lol

Knitting takes me forever. I have discovered tunisian crochet though and its a perfect balance for me. Crochet needle with the knitted look!

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I’m going to have to look into that! I love the knit look but it takes forever!

Its pretty quick. Faster than knitting for me lol this is the “simple stitch”

It took a bit longer than crochet but i wanted a closer stitch like knitted looks.



Thank you. I love making blankets and such.

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You did a very good job. I have played with this stitch but I am not really good at it – and I think because I am not fast enough on it yet I just don’t do it much.

Have you tried the crochet hook with a hook on each end? It is called the crochenit hook, and the crochet is pretty neat. It has a neat history, but I won’t bore everyone with that. You have probably read it before anyway. :slight_smile:

Yes i made a couple hats with it… Its hard finding different needles here. I ordered a couple sets from amazon, and found only one size double needle at hobby lobby. And no i haven’t heard how it came to be but would love to hear☺.