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Yes I saw so much detail in him when he was first born. and there are artists plenty of them with babies and kids some even I saw here on this forum just don’t remember their tag. I would love to hear all Advice on how they manage. I feel often im having selfish thoughts by wanting to paint again but it was something I loved and I had so many things I wanted to do with my work, sigh

Thank you much. Wow Twins? That’s so beautiful. Identical? And I’m so glad I created this topic cause I now know to stop trying to over achieve and know little by little is possible also

Thanks so much. Yes I’m starting to see little by little will do. While he is up like u said I will work on other things like drawing hair or rooting. If u can do it with 5 one can’t stop me :smiley:

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You count, and seem to be busy also. With homeschool and school age kids. You make it work it’s possible I see

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Thanks! I do not.

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I don’t have any human kids lol but I have a fur baby, an 8 month old puppy who gets into everything. I only paint at night while she’s asleep because I worry about her getting into things while I’m busy or annoying the cat lol I also go to school 3 days a week, so I don’t paint on those days at all. But really I only have one kit every 2-3 months or so, so once that one is done so am I for a little bit lol

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You have good restraint. That’s why I rarely log on. I can’t even paint now and have filled my cart and removed things many times…lol

Lol not restraint, I just can’t afford it haha I’m in high school still, and don’t have a job so no steady income and I can only buy new kits when I sell a doll. I usually have my cart full too lol but never really buy :joy:


@avyona I wish I could dislike your comment. It makes me sad for you that your talents are not appreciated and you don’t have the opportunity to do what you love. I hope your family changes heart.


I hope so too :frowning: To add to the pain of it, I reborn because I want more children after having my tubes UNTIED. Since my surgery to reverse the tubes, I hadnt had a single whiff of a positive pregnancy test. But after 4.5 years I finally fell pregnant in October of last year. I had a miscarriage :frowning: It was devastating to me. Reborning is therapy for me. I want more children so very much and its not happening for us so far. So to be denied reborning time really hurts me in so many ways. Im stretched so very very thin. I guess I dont understand why its such a big deal if I take a moment to just breath and do something fun. I dont think I’ve even had time to mourn the lost of our baby because life is so fast for me. 100mph. I wish I just had a moment to even shed some tears for that little one that went to be with the Lord. Reborning means a lot to me.


I fit painting time in where I can. I homeschool my 9 year old boy and then spend some time painting between other things. I too wash the dishes later in the day. Reborning for me also has helped fill a void. Our son is our miracle baby after infertility, and now I’m too old to have any more. I’ve always loved babies.


I’m so sorry :pray::heart:

@avyona I just want to say, you are an incredibly talented artist, so much talent. And I wish your family could see that. I know all of us ladies here see it!! :sparkling_heart: Keep doing what you love!

Oh my, @avyona. I feel for you because that would frustrate me to no end… I know what this feels like because I lived like this in a sense. Until I had enough, that is. I must not have had the energy and patience that you seem to have because I just couldn’t do it. I ended up feeling like I was going to snap in half.

Now I don’t let myself get to that point. My kids are expected to help around the house, wash clothes, and whatever else needs to be done. I homeschool and take good care of them, but after they are set with that and fed, that’s it… leave mommy alone for a while. :joy: Its less of a struggle now because they know I need to decompress, and if I can’t for a long time, especially because of dumb stuff, I get in a bad mood. My 16 year old will even take my 4 year old to play so I can paint sometimes.

I hope that something gives for you soon. You work hard and definitely deserve some free time to do what makes you happy.

I’m feeling very deflated right now. I’ve struggled to sell despite having ppl who have massive collections saying mine are more lifelike than any of the others and I see crappy made ones selling like hotcakes and they’re not even cheaper than mine, here in NZ it’s taken years to get any recognition. I’ve ended up with dolls I don’t want in my collection that I couldn’t sell despite all the heaps of love for them when I’ve put up photo’s.
So after I have finished the one I’m painting which is Madison asleep as my last one was beautiful and so lifelike, I’m not going to be making any to sell, I have heaps of kits here already and a couple on pre-order but will be making them for myself and then I’m giving it away. I have a small tiny place and it’s over run with reborns. It’s so expensive here, It costs me even over $200 just for a kit alone. It’s kept me in debt for the last few years.
These are the last few I’ve made, these ppl came to me to have them made, though Tink2 is yet to sell. Making for ppl beforehand as in customs, and the idea of selling is now just too stressful for me.


I’m so sorry, this is just so sad that someone with your talent is struggling to sell your beautiful babies. So many babies that are selling today are selling for such a cheap price that it is hurting the whole industry. I see many babies that are (in my opinion) done so poorly that they shouldn’t be “for sale” anyway. I do understand that everyone has to start somewhere and not everyone is great in the beginning (we’ve all been there)-------but they still make a doll or two and jump right in and begin to sell. Hench, cheap prices, poor quality. I wish beginners would pay their dues through time and experience before putting dolls on the market. JMHO



Ooh I love your Madison- she is beautiful!

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Your babes are gorgeous.Maybe just do customs that you know are sold from the beginning.

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All your babies are beautiful. Where are you selling? What’s your price range? Do you sell internationally?

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I just sold my 2nd Tink. I just find the whole selling thing too stressful. I have sold a few oversea’s one in the US and a couple over in Australia.