Aisha not the best

I finally finishedi Aisha.Her head looks cute but the hair went in sort of pluggy very curly and not soft wasnt quality hair.Anyway and the lighter hands and feet were a problem i really didnt do well with.


I think this baby is beautiful!:heart:

Thank you.I have to work on her faults!! ; )

She looks fine to me. What was the problem with her hands and feet?

She was dark vinyl and i just couldnt seem to build the light soles and palms without looking chalky to some extent then i thought light creases would be fine…why? who knows…?.later after baking it was a white mess in the creases so cleaned with a tooth pick then added brown.Mostly under the curled fingersJust isnt the best.The hair i fixed the pluggy area
Think i was tired last night saw more bad than was.The toe nails are fine think the light hit them wrong
Anyway here is the hand For sure a grade D .ugh Feet are a lot better…

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I think she is cute! Don’t be too critical with yourself. You do nice work.

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Well thanks I guess like us all we want our work to be A plus to sell it and bugs mebifvi didnt get it there…


She’s a cutie! :smile: