Air Dry Varnish Issue

I think I’ll make a few keepers soon, but did notice on one of the previous dolls I made before using Golden Air Dry paints & varnished with 1 tsp of the Americana soft touch varnish mixed with 30 drops distilled water & 1/4 tsp cornstarch her paint seemed to kinda dull out and even rub off in some spots, like her toes. It was a doll gifted to a child so I’m not sure if just her being rough with it did that, but I don’t want to make keepers just for that to happen to them. Any tips?

If the doll is being played with, and has outfits changed often, paint will eventually rub off. That’s not a fault in the varnish. It happens with all reborns.


People get a notion that varnish will keep paint from rubbing off. Locking it down so to speak. This is not true. Varnish creates a barrier to help protect paint from scratches and scuffs but it is not capable of rendering the paints impervious to abrasion and wear.


Angjie’s recipe is 20 drops of water, not 30. Maybe it diluted the mixture more than it should?


Maybe :thinking: