Air dry questions

So I have changed to using air dry paint during the winter months and I have a couple questions. I tried to read through old posts but I’m still left a bit confused

  1. Can I bake the air dry paints? I use Golden and Reborn Fx paints. Will it turn them weird colors or ruin them?
  2. How long do I have to wait before sealing with Genesis (if the air dry can be baked)? I plan on using genesis matte sealer because I’m just used to it.
  3. How do you keep brush hairs and dust collecting off the air dry? I’ve had brush hairs with genesis but it always just burns off or brushes away. But it seems like the hairs with air dry are really stuck down.
    Thank you for any help!

I don’t think you can bake but I’m not sure.
I seal after 24 hours but let the baby cure for a few weeks. I don’t use Genesis sealer.
I do have dust from time to time and take it off carefully with a toothpick. I make sure my brushes are clean and my wedges new and kept in a container. I take the top off and start fresh if they seem dusty. I keep my windows and doors closed when I am painting.

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It seem that you can bake the varnish over air dry with no problem as I have seen other do it.
Dust is a pain in the a**:unamused:.
I keep a fine point tweezers near me and toothpick.

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As for the dust, I keep a few large makeup brushes for the dolls and I brush them off really well before I begin to paint. Also, you do not need to bake the air dry. That is why they are called air dry. They will dry to the touch and be ready for the next layer by the time you finish one layer on the entire kit. It goes pretty fast, I think. Especially compared to having to bake so often. I know some people who use Air Dry do use the Genesis Matte Sealer with them. I hope someone who uses it will hope on in here and clarify that for you. I don’t bake anything so I can’t answer that one. :slight_smile: Hope this helps some.

I use Americana Soft Touch Varnish to seal. I hate the skin to feel rough. Baking can change the color of air dry paints.

Let the air dry paints cure 1-2 weeks then you can seal with Genesis heat set varnishes. I do it all the time.