Air dry paints supplies

I’m on d@@kblick looking for acrylic paint. I’m going to get some liquitex paint pots to try because I’m waiting for the ultimate fusion singles to drop. I’m only painting two kits until then. Do I need anything besides golden medium?

Someone mentioned golden glazing sheen. I’m getting brushes, beauty blenders, chux, wedges and glass containers locally. Once I have my babies painted, I’m buying the eyes from eyeco. I’m in love with the platinum eyes. I know about weighing etc. Anything else I need to paint.

I’m also painting over a ghsp baby. What seal should I use? I searched and I got some ideas but I want to be sure I have it right. Thanks so much!

I think golden has a matte varnish - @ msmimi04 may be able to tell you about them - others use decoart and several others - there is a review that @anjsmiles did about varnishes - it is posted under the first try ultimate fusion post from a few days ago :blush:

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Sorry it came out so big, at least it is on my screen.

lmg or ultra matte gel

for sealing


Thanks guys! I’m going to add both to my order. I knew it was something besides sheen lol. I keep forgetting which glazing gel it is.

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