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So again I’m feeling defeated with painting . I can’t seem to progress only go backwards . I am on my second brand of paints … First SCN paints now miracle blend and although happier I still don’t feel the paint is the right one . I donk know if its just me and I should stop reborning or persevere and find the paint that works for me .
I was wondering what everyone has tried in the past be it good or bad . I know I am still learning but I still feel the paint is a part of my problem . Are there any must have products whichever paint is used ?

My favorite paint, and I still feel is the best, is babyfx. It is a shame that this paint is no longer being produced because I would never switch otherwise. So I use whatever is left of that paint and regular liquitex acrylic paints from any craft store.

Learning to paint these dolls is not always easy. Some people seem to be naturally good, then there are people like me for instance who have to really work at it. My first doll was atrocious!! Lol (and this was AFTER spending a few months studying technique)The next few dolls weren’t great either. But now almost 1 1/2 years and probably 30 or 40 dolls later, they are actually pretty nice. And they will only get better from here because I’m always trying to improve.

How many dolls have you painted? Have you watched any tutorials? What specifically do you not like about the paint you are using?


So have painted 6 all fails more or less mainly with paint pooling etc I’m nearly finished on 7 but just as about to the ear paint came off after I used coastal scents .

I’ve bought several ebooks and watched all YouTube videos especially Custom doll baby .
Paint issues lately the damn dust … SCN no offence but wasn’t for me them Miracle Blend was a blessing but every time I buy new paint I open it up and it explodes out of the tube and I lose a quarter its so annoying . I wish I had pots lol also not sure if the colour is quite as strong as other acrylics .

I’ve heard of Liquitex , Folk Art , Jo Sonja and Baby Fx but as I’m in Europe I’m limited and this time I want to buy on recommendations.

I feel there has to be a paint that fits me so to speak . its a feeling I have when I paint that its not the right quality for me. Does it make sense or am I a control freak and Looney lol

Hi @Ady I did use the paints for a good 4 months but always had frothing issues and paint pooling around fingertips etc once I started miracle blend I didn’t have them issues any more . no offence to SCN its just not right for me . x

I have found that the different mediums added to my paint cause my babies to be sticky. I use acrylic paints mixed with water only. I LOVE it…the feel, the affect… You have no play around time because it dries quickly but it gets a smooth non shiny finish. I still use Luminaire’s vinyl prep before painting and let that dry for 24 hours. That is after I was the kit and let it dry for 24 hours. I use soft touch sealer after the paint dries. The prep time is what takes the longest for me but a good starting surface makes a big difference.


Was=wash. The soft touch sealer is AFTER PAINTING. sorry


I have not used SCN paints but I have seen dolls painted with them that faded per other customer’s photos.
I tested the Miracle Blend paints and they can be fine if they are not thinned with lots of water. Use products such as Golden Fluid Matting Medium (or Liquitex brand) and Jo Sonjas Flow Medium and Jo Sonjas Retarder with them and little to no water and they will hold up well. I do not recommend using the Coastals Scents as they do have make-up products in them that can cause issues that lead to paint cracking and not adherring well. I don’t care who recommends them, I know too many dolls that have had issues with that from it. I prefer Pan Pastels myself and have had no issues with those but any artist grade pigment chalks or powders should work well for you. Pan Pastels are super strong and you have to use their blending powder to tone them down.

I too love BabyFX and believe they were the best air dry paints on the market. I am still using what stock I have left along with RebornFX. I like the RebornFX from MachPherson’s Craft Supply a lot. They are strong in pigments and adhere very well to the vinyl. They do have some sheen that has to be matted at the end due to the binders in the paints. However, I was adding product to my other paints to increas the binders as well so the same happens to any air dry paint when you do that. That is the only negative I can say about them.


You know what made the biggest difference for me, @Shosho? Blow drying the pieces before putting them on the rack to dry.

Before I’d pounce it out ect, but somehow would still end up with paint somewhere it shouldn’t be or I’d bump my finger against the piece while putting it on the rack, only to discover later that I’d done that. With no way to fix it, I’d have to strip.

I’m hqppy to report that I’ve not had to strip a doll since I began blow drying the pieces first. While you are doing this, you will be turning your work and will catch any mistake before it completely dries. In addition, it eliminates the possibly of bumping the wet piece and taking off paint.


I’m using Reborn FX from MacPhersons. I agree that Baby FX were the best paints and I sure wish they were still going to be available, but overall, I like the Reborn FX. They paint a bit shiny and a bit sticky feeling, but when you matte them down at the end, they come out very nice. I use the soft touch sealer with matting powder from reborn FX added. I bought a lot of matting powder so I don’t have to change that formula for awhile. I am looking for a substitute that gives me a nice matte finish. Does anybody know what that matting powder actually was???


I use Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Hard Body Paints. I really like them and get excellent results. It’s important to use professional grade acrylics. Craft acrylics won’t hold up over time. I mix just a litte Liquitex Ultra Matte Gel in with the paints and thin with water. I apply it in small sections with a brush (not dripping wet) and then pounce. I seal with Americana Soft Touch Varnish. Are you sure you’re pouncing the paints enough?


Hey guys. Just curious, as I havent painted in about a year so have beem fairly absentee. Why did Baby FX get diacontinued? That’s what I used too and loved them

I have used the Real Effects air dry paints which are made in Germany. They do not ship to the US so I had to order mine through Australia and it can get pretty expensive. The down side to these paints are that they have a light pigment, but they are a good quality and they give a very nice soft skin look. They also come in jars instead of those darn tubes. Since you are in Europe you might want to try to order a few skin tone colors from them just to see if you like them and if they work better for you.

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You could use the Cher paints. I think the lady that sol FX was not making any money.

I do not know the details. I just had someone contact me with photos of a baby that was painted by a very well known artist using the Special Care Nursery paints and the baby was all faded. She bought the baby 2nd hand and had been shown the original artist’s photos. When she got the baby it had almost no color left. She was shocked and was wanting to know if I thought she could have it painted over with Genesis by someone whom she knew that uses Genesis. I was quite surprised how much the paints had faded on it as well. It had no blushing or mottling or creases details left. Just some base skin tone coloring.

MacPherson’s has a new product called Shine Remover that I have tested and it is great. It is a thicker liquid matting fluid that you can pounce over vinyl to remove sheen, I have used it on some Genesis painted babies here that had gotten shiny fingers and toes and it worked well for that. I tried using it over cured RebornFX 2 in 1 sealer and when applied well it mattes the sheen down nicely of that product too. It takes about 3 days to fully cure, during which time the finish will take on a slightly dewy look (from some of the sheen of the 2 in 1 coming through) that is less matte then when you applied it over the 2 n 1 Sealer. However, the final product is still much much better than the original finish of the 2 in 1 Sealer which has too much sheen for my preferences. They are supposed to be getting this product up on their website soon.

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I could be wrong but I think the manufacturer raised the prices so much that they would have had to increase their paint prices so high, they didn’t think anyone would pay the amount needed to charge to make up the amount…


This is correct according to what Melissa told me.


Gotcha. Thanks ladies. What a shame.

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Thanks @rainbow I might just do that . Do you still use them ?

@angfay which paints do you use ?