Air dry and heat set

So have my favorite sculpt Elyse I’m working on and have a primer hear set on head finished baking and my new wave blow up literally so I have limbs to prime in my kitchen oven .my question is since its just primer can I use air dry to finish her cause hubby said three new waves in a year we are done so got to go to air dry plus who ships the fastest for the air-dry

Where are you buying your NuWave’s?? OMGoodness, I would be so mad if that happened to me. Isn’t there a warrantee or something on them??

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DALD she was really quick with mine and good prices

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Amazon from new wave store its crazy and only 30day I think

I use Liquitex Professional Soft Body Paints. I just buy them at Michael’s. I love them. My new love for sealing is Americana Decor Soft Touch Varnish. If you want a tiny bit of sheen you can just brush it on thinly and let it dry. For complete matte finish brush it on thinly and blot with a cosmetic sponge. I really like the silky feel of the skin.