Advice R.E. selling

I’ve seen so many posts lately of people down because their dolls don’t sell.

Stop it.

This happens every year. And in every business. I had a doll not sell for 2 years and when she sold she was purchased by a television network. For 850$

Stop making yourselves crazy. I’ve been in this business over 10 years. This is common.

Make the best dolls you can. Enjoy it. And they will sell.

I mean this in a totally positive way so don’t take me as negative here.

And DO NOT drop the price of your babies! We need to demand what they are worth. And hold out for it!

When you lower the price people think they aren’t worth what you originally asked. That’s not the case.


I wish it was that simple sometimes but I agree. I get down on myself because I can’t reborn if my dolls don’t sell. I use the money from a sale to buy the next kit. And now I’m saving up for my puppy and need those doll sales to help. I can’t always wait however long it’ll take. My Darren took 9 months to sell, I don’t have that long and I don’t think anyone else in my situation wants to wait that long between dolls. It’s tough not to feel like it’s just your own dolls that aren’t selling, because other people’s sales don’t affect you so it seems like yours are the only ones sitting but that’s not the case.

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Right. But that’s business. Not just dolls. My husband runs a tree service and landscaping. Its dead right now and will be until the cooler weather comes. So he’s focused on improving and having firewood already cut for when the time comes.

You can’t control when someone buys a doll. So it’s best to not stress about it. Enjoy the process and when they sell they sell. When it becomes about the money its not fun anymore.

Why stress about something you can’t change?


Exactly and I know that but its still difficult at times.
Why worry about something I can’t change? I have bad anxiety, so I worry about everything. Doesn’t matter what it is lol
Waiting forever between dolls isn’t fun, and stressing isn’t either. There’s a balance which I think is hard to find. I entirely agree with what you wrote, it really isn’t worth the stress. Our work is worth it and we need to stand by that. It just gets difficult sometimes. I totally get both sides of it. I understand lowering prices to try and sell, because sometimes it’s what it takes. But for a good high quality doll that shouldn’t be needed. I think for a lot of people, it’s hard to stay positive 100% of the time. It just isn’t possible. At least not for me. Depression and anxiety make it a challenge to feel good about anything but I do my best. As I said, I didn’t post any of this to disagree or pick a fight or anything, I just wanted to kinda explain why I personally struggle with having low sales.


Eh. I have a horrible anxiety disorder. So I feel for you. Mine is genetic. Lol. I have to laugh. My whole family is a anxiety ridden mess.

Still. I wish people understood that no matter what business it is. Slow times happen. Unless you are a Walton or Jeff Bezos. Lol.


Yup, it’s just business. I’d feel like this in any kind of job so it’s not only limited to this. I just feel bad all the time no matter what so it easily transfers to my work especially when I already see all the flaws. It’s rough sometimes but it always does get better. April was a fantastic month for me for sales. I’m hoping to have another good month before January when my puppy comes home.

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I know it’s happening every years, some years are worst than others. I agree with you for most part. Every doll will eventually sell.

You have nothing to worry about slow sales if you manage to sell a lot, like some artists who sell by dozen. They panic when sales drop to 5…but if you count on a doll for purchasing an other kit, you may worry.

Every one situation is different. For some it’s a hobby, for others it’s an income.
I play with my price as I don’t think I already find the “sweet spot” for me.

I totally agree not to sell your doll too low. It’s not good for the market. Not good for other artists.

In the same time, as everything else, it’s all about what customer is welling to pay. Your beautiful work is worth what someone want to pay for. And with the agressive competition (china, knock off, new artists…) People are more inclined to pay less.
Unless your clientele is mostly collectors who knows how it works.

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You can do it! I was once homeless. Now I live in a house in the mountains and get to make dolls all day. It will get better.

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Reborning should never be someone’s sole income. Its too fickle. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.


I was homeless once too, it definitely sucks and then gets better. My sales go up and down all the time. I do worry about it and feel bad about it but it changes quickly and often. I try to not let it affect me but it does, but I’m always working towards not being bothered by it.

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Reborns are fads. They come and go. I do as hobby and use proceeds from sales to purchase next kits. They can not be relied upon for income. Even the best artists have dry spells. If you look at this as a hobby and do it for fun you will find so much more enjoyment. But if you are dependant on the money for it you will be greatly disappointed.


Try and focus on the things you can change. Improve your photography. Try a new painting technique. That kind of thing. Helps me keep from going crazy when I’m waiting for a sale.


Agreed. I do it as a way to paint and give myself a little extra money now and then. If I depended on it to keep the lights on I would be living in a box on the side of the road again. Lol

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Photography isn’t the problem for me, but taking new pics sometimes helps. Usually it’s just a waiting game. I recently changed my painting style which is fine. Nothing seems to make a difference but it’s fine. I’m not worried right now, I just sold 2 dolls lol


I totally agree. It should not ! But for some it can be a good side income. But you can absolutely not base your budget on that !


I hear so many people say they have to sell low because we compete with China knockoffs and low ball sellers.

Those are not the people I want buying my work. I am aiming for the people who appriciate my babies as art.

If someone is going to buy the cheap China dolls. They were always going to buy the cheaper dolls. No matter how good your work is.

I have skill as an artist. My time has value. My work has value.

I don’t compete with the cheapies. I’m better than that. And you are too!

Rant over. :purple_heart:


I just love making them and I will try and remember what I’m doing and why. Thanks for the good advice!

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Totally agree @taylorsgirl


It’s just a hobby for me and getting enough back to be able to keep doing. It helps my mind to create these pretty babies and help me from worrying about all the things we worry about🙂


Totally! I do it just to keep being able to do it! I’m don’t count on when something will sell… you never know. It will happen when it does. Don’t count on paying your mortgage every month with it… some months you will, some you won’t. If you want to count on a paycheck… this isn’t the job for that.