Advice needed on Customs

I’ve been out of the loop for awhile and was asked if I do customs. I never have but not opposed to it. Could those who have done customs give me some advice and tips on how to charge and how much you let them take control of the details. I was thinking a third down, non-refundable, third payment when half way through, and paid in full before sending. Also letting them choose hair color, thick or thin, eye color and type of eyes if applicable, peaches and cream or mottled skin, how heavily weighted and choice of a few clothes. How does this sound? What else do costumers ask for? TIA

I do customs sometimes
Where I’m at in my painting right now I charge $325+ depending on the kit and extra for rooted hair and extra for a larger box opening etc
I need at least $100-$150 down
And I do let the customer pick all the details you said
And I also always make sure the doll is paid for in full before shipping
I hope I was of some help

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I do lots of customs.

First. Get a non refundable deposit to cover supplies so if they back out you can still make and sell the doll as a non custom.

Second. I allow them to pick the sculpt. Hair color. Eye color and gender.

I send pics as I go but make it clear I cannot make changes a
Half way through. Make sure you get in writing that they agree to all the details BEFORE you start. I hate when people get wishy washy and go from wanting blonde hair and blue eyes to wanting an AA with the darkest tone possible.

I don’t play that game. Lol

Baby comes home with one outfit of My choosing in the gender they want. If they want more outfits or fancier stuff then they pay for it. No one gets a huge box opening without the price tags, to go with it.

And raise your prices.

When I do customs I charge a non refundable deposit to cover the cost of supplies. The customer chooses kit, skin tone, gender, eye and hair color and thickness. The rest is up to me. When I’m done, they get a picture of the finished doll before paying the rest of what’s owed. I ship when it’s paid in full. I charge $350-$400 for customs. They go home with 2 outfits, something to sleep in, toy, bottle, comb and brush, hair accessories, birth certificate and care instructions.

most of my toddlers are customs
this is what they choose
choice of any German glass eye color
hair color and style (IF I CAN GET IT, and they have to choose it, before I take a deposit)
sitting or standing limbs
that’s it, and I require 200.oo non-refundable deposit to hold the spot (right now taking deposits for April) When I start the doll 50% down, 50% when it is done
no changes, unless it is an easy one, like I would add freckles, or cut hair shorter, ect… BUT can;t remove freckles (just an example)
I also refuse to work with people, at my choice, if something seems “off” to me… hope this helps