Adding more blush after rooting

I wish to add more blush, but I have already rooted. Is there anything that would allow me to go over GHSP ?

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You can use air dry or more GHSP. Just make sure to either use a heat gun or if you need to bake to wet babies hair and cover hair with a hat :slight_smile:

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If you havent varnished yet…you can bake even after rooting…I do it quite a bit!!!

Just make sure you haven’t glued in a magnet yet


I bake after rooting EVERY time. I do it to help close the rooting holes and I don’t do eyebrows until I have finished rooting. I can add additional blush, lips, and anything else at the end. I just wet the hair and put a hat on it. No problems and I can root lashes while the head is warm and receptive.