I just went down a rabbit hole in my quest for vintage looking pacifiers and found the coolest bottles!

I swear I saw a stainless steel one before (off tonsearch for that next)

What are your favorite accessories for your babes?

Think blankets, bottles, toys, clips anything but clothes (we’ll get to that later) so many cute things I’d NEVER have given my real kids lol


Thank you I am going to add that to my wish list! You can get the stainless steel ones at Walmart!


I knew I’d seen them! I asked once and the lady looked at me like I was weird. So I told her my bad I musta seen me at target lol! Do you know who
Makes them?

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I had to go look. Parents Choice


Thanks for looking! Your awesome

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Bet you can’t guess where I’m going tomorrow :heart_eyes:
I really hope they have them and they are this price :crazy_face:


Awesome Price!!! I have the short one. I’m going in there tomorrow I hope they have some in my itty bitty store, lol.


Wow, those look awesome. Very fancy!

I’ve found a place close that has awesome native American type bands that make awesome paci clips!


That is beautiful!

@PhotographyForLife They were regular price in my Walmart but I did get the smaller mason jar bottle (Amazon) and it is really cute, thanks for sharing!

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I’m thinking they must have been clearance? I didn’t see any at the two I went to :frowning: