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Do we think BB will have a Cyber Monday sale? I wasn’t a member on the forum last year so I don’t know if they had one or not. I need to place an order for a few kits and other supplies but I’m hoping for a sale. Anyone remember if they had one last year and if so, do you remember prices or what was on sale?

If you know of another site having a Cyber Monday sale on kits and supplies, please let us know. :grinning:

I can’t remember if they had one last year or not but I have found that with BB you can’t really judge if they will have one one year just because they had it the previous year…I know they had several sales last year that they did not do this year so I think it is a ‘pot luck’ sort of thing…About the only thing you CAN count on (Having been in retail management for over 24 year - I know…lol) most all businesses have big sales at the end of their Fiscal year to reduce inventory so that will be when you will most probably see one of their big sales…It would be nice to have one sooner but there’s just no way to judge it… :disappointed:


I don’t know about BB either, but I got a feed on my FB page telling me that Creative Impressions is having a cyber Monday sale, but doesn’t say what’s going to be on sale. The feed also says “check your email for the coupon codes,” so I’m thinking you have to be signed up for the newsletter to get the codes, but don;tquote me on that!

Dolls So Real is also having a cyber Monday sale starting midnight tonight. It’s piggy-backing off their Black Friday sale thats still going on now (that ends at midnight).


I would think after BB had that huge sale that lasted some time, to reduce their inventory, there wouldn’t be much left to have a sale. JMO


Well I guess I will get my cart ready and see if tomorrow anything in it goes on sale. There are 2 kits that I need to purchase from BB for sure so either way I have to place an order. Thanks everyone for your input.

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@EmilyBB Is there a giveaway coming up? Possibly a sale?


Crossing my fingers!! :slight_smile:

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