About the BB Realborn bodies

So today I got in my first order of BB Realborn bodies. I usually get my bodies custom made or make my own. However, being on a budget I decided to try these since I had not and everyone says they are much better proportioned than the older BB body patterns. I have to say I am very much pleased! Presley’s body fits very well indeed. I did opt for the cheaper string bodies since I have plenty of cable ties. My one request @bbsupport would be that if it were possible for them to make the casings just slightly larger so that one can push the head of the cable tie up inside them I would be thrilled!


Are u as happy with realborn bodies as you are with custom bodies?

My seamstress who makes my custom bodies is excellent and her quality is the absolute best I have found. She not only surges the seams but she top stitches all the casings. She also makes the bodies according to the Chelle body patterns, which I love. So it is kinda like comparing a Mercedes to a Ford with the BB bodies being the Ford. They are each great for what they are and what their pricing is. In the case of Presley, I would say the BB body is a little better fit because it is designed to be less full in the butt area than the Chelle pattern body and for his skinny legs I like it better. I don’t like that the BB body has the skinny casings nor that the neck casing ends on the side of the neck instead of the back. Other than that though I am very pleased with them and will get more as I use these 4 up I just got.