A word of advice for all sellers

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Yes the scam sites do look better. He knows everyone wants him to update, so I hope heโ€™s got it on his short list!


I would like for Dave to update the look of the site, but right now I wonโ€™t complain about that because my dolls sell there with no problem at all. Even his feeโ€ฆ totally worth it because I donโ€™t pay it until I have several to list. :grin:

Yes, totally agree that artists should get paid what they deserve. These babies are expensive to make and super time consuming. People just donโ€™t realize.


I see so many dolls out there, some done basic but pretty and some done poorly, that they arenโ€™t asking enough to cover the cost of the kit. I can imagine a lot of people looking to buy one for their child or new to collecting thinking that $300 or higher is too much. I agree, the price is the price. Surprisingly Iโ€™ve never been asked to lower my price.

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