A watched limb never flashes

So I finally ordered the rest of what I needed to paint my doll kit last week and it arrived this morning (yay!!!) I am trying out a new to me technique on a test limb to see if I like tge results and i am so ready to be painting that the thinner seams to be taunting me. It’s taking FOREVER to flash off! I just wanna paint, waaagh!!! I was so excited I actually set up a reborning station that was ready to go as soon as I got the paints. (On another note, I have never had one. When I was a teen, I actually painted my dolls while I sat cross legged on the living room floor.) Even after writing all that, it still hasnt flashed! What can I do to pass the time? I’m just so excited!!!


You can take a song or mop brush and dab the vinyl to pick up the wet paint. Be sure the parts aren’t so wet that the paint runs and streaks. I have a tiny desk fan that blows helps the flashing process.

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Yeah…I was soaking the poor thing…drying time is cut in half now!

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