A very productive day

I’m on top of the world today and thought I’d share with you lovely ladies x

I decided to use Facebook’s “free, for sale & wanted” page for my area to advertise two of my reborns. I sold one on Monday, which was great, and then the lady who bought the second one came over to collect him today. She took one look at the babies in my baby room and promptly asked to buy one of my little girls as well. It was hard for me to let go, but I agreed. She then asked if she could buy a stroller, crib and car seat as well! I agreed to that too seeing as they were my spares.

I was so excited to have some Dolly Dollars that I splurged some of them on Denise Pratt’s triplets, Teagan, Taite and Tayla :smiley:

I’m currently doing the happy dance lol


Thank you @anon77773884 x

I’d kind of lost my confidence when my dolls weren’t selling, but today’s events have given me a real boost :smiley:


I guess!!! I hope it continues.

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YAY! Congratulations! :guardsman: :checkered_flag:

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Thank you @jeanhai and @otterbaby2 x

@anon77773884 it makes you start doubting yourself, doesn’t it? I hope your sales pick up really soon x

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Awesome!!! Have fun!!!

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Thank you x

The lady just messaged me and asked if I have any more babies for sale! :grin:


WONDERFUL DAY!!! So happy for you, maybe you’ll be on a new path.

YAY!!! You GO, girl! I’m doing the happy dance for you!


yay! :confetti_ball: That is awesome, Congrats :smiley:

Wonderful…great kind of a day…!!..:christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

Wow thanks so cool, and definitely reason for a happy dance. Congrats!

Dang!! That is a really productive day!

Lucky, Lucky you—hope it keeps up!!! Maybe she will turn into a happy repeat customes!!! Congratulations on the sales.

Wow, you did make out like a bandit! Have fun with those dolly dollars!

Wow !! You did have a good day.

Congratulations, Sam! Was it easy to set up?

Whooo Hoooooo That’s awesome!!!

Thank you so much everyone (hugs) x

@lynn I really hope so x

@AmyR777 the page was already there. All I had to do was join the group and then I was able to post my reborns for sale. You might have something similar for where you’re located. If you go onto Facebook and type in “free, for sale and wanted” followed by your town or area, you should, hopefully, get a list of pages to try. Join the one you think is best, then away you go :wink:


Wow! What an awesome day. Big Congratulations!!!