A very difficult decision

I have to sell one. Which would be the best choice?


next time you should try an easier question please .
Maybe I would keep the first one…but hard as both are beautiful.

Good luck with your decision! The outfit on the one on the right is adorable - keep it no matter which doll you keep.

Both are cute, sorry!

Yeah that’s my retro outfit. I’m leaning towards selling serenity. I see blank ones more often. I haven’t seen another Penelope since I got her. It sucks either way. Thanks though

Thanks, it really is a hard one

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I know right? It’s hard after Christmas. My husband was on shut down for 2 weeks… I love having him around but his checks are small. Could be worse though. Thank you

Ughhhh, I couldnt !

You gotta go with which one tugs at your heart.

I know, that’s why I needed help.

All the other times it was easy,. It was ahh I’ll just get another one later. this time I know I can’t. I swear it’s like trying to decide which child. Because i know I can’t replace it. *sigh. Time to put on my big girl panties😟.thank you all so much

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Can you make a different kit and sell it?

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I don’t know if I could decide between the two. They are both beautiful and sweethearts! BOL making a decision and I hope you get top dollar for whichever one you decide to sell.

I like Estelle’s idea. If that isn’t an option, toss a coin and box the baby up quickly.

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Not the first one…or the second one…
Sorry. No help here.

Maybe you should just sell some other things? Some of your crochet maybe ?

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Thanks Tammy, IDK I think I have the winter blues. There hasnt been any sunshine for so long,and I’d say I’d go to Florida but they are cold now too​:thinking::worried:. I think I’m going to take a break and get my head on right. Thank you

Go to the tanning bed - the uv light helps :slight_smile:

Oh I’d so love to. My birthday is this month. They keep asking me what I want… Sooo

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A sunlamp might help, too.