A tale of three Dominics

It’s so interesting to see how your painting evolves. I seem to be going through a red/purple period right now but Dominic’s is my favorite face in any color! Here are my babies number 4, 25, and 55


Beautiful! I am going through a crazy paint color with my strawberry blush, it seems orangey to me :(. Not sure what to do about it!

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I started to love more colors on my babies also…
All previous one seems underpainted to me now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is my latest one


One of my fav sculpts!!!

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I love Dominic. He has the sweetest face.

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Yep. That face makes me melt straight out of the box!

I love the very red one!

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Thank you!

Wow that is amazing! Like three different artists! Each one is beautiful and completely unique! I’m in awe


Thank you! I always feel like my babies are too orange so I’ve been on a mission trying different things to avoid getting a peach skin tone. Not always successful but it’s so much fun to play around with it :slight_smile: