A lot of kits to sell

The lady that I just bought 9

kits from is retiring and has a lot more to sell. In these pictures is a Thomas asleep and awake, plus more. If interested please let me know and I will let her know.


Is the price show for the whole kit or just head?

The whole kit, minus the body

@anjsmiles was looking for belly plates

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Top row last baby…what kit is that?

See any you like… $5.00 a piece

Not sure let me ask. Looks love Gabriel to me

I am interested in the all the belly plates except for the AC correct girl one as long as they are from smoke free home.

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Ok let me check for you

Yes smoke free. $35 plus 10 shipping…$45 total. Let me know if interested

sure. She can send me an invoice to lildumplins@gmail.com

She is having trouble with her paypal. Please send payment to torvstreasures@gmail.com (paypal)

Thank you!

She will need your address.

Money has been sent. The address will be on the paypal payment if she prints the shipping label through there.

Ok, thank you!

Can any tell me what kit this is please. Thanks in advance.

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All belly plates have been sold!

The row with the $25 kits… which are the first two sculpts?

Looks like Samantha and Jesse to me

Yep they are Jesse and Samantha