A few pics of my reborns to share

Haven’t finished many but here they are in correct order;
#1 Generic kit from China…wasn’t sure how I’d go so started cheap.

#2 Same
#3 Claire 10" mini

Then came Taite who also dresses well as a girl

Then there was Tabatha

Then London

Then a portrait doll of a family member…
Then Kate

And new Taite and Teagan are WIP.


they are all really sweet . Do you make your own knit sets. They are lovely as well!

They are all so sweet. I love that blonde curly hair on Kate and you got a perfect kit to match for your portrait baby. Very nice!

Lovely work! Nice to be able to see your own improvement.

Thank you for your kind comments and no I’m not a great knitter. I bought the sets off ebay from someone who can knit well.