A Few More Presley Asleep Are Available

Hi Folks!

I just put a few more Presley Asleep on the website.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby


One less available now! So glad I’ve been on the forum off and on today. I got one!!! Now to break the news to my hubby…

looks like they are down to 175

What a nice surprise. Are these part of the ~7% that were expected to not pass inspection, or are they still first quality kits from the original “good” batch?

These must be the replacements.

That would make sense, Pia. These may be the ones that replaced the 7% of defective ones.

@pinkclove212 there will not be any seconds sold of the RealBorn kits.

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I may end up with 2 of each since I bid on one on ebay five minutes before BB listed these. I never buy expensive kits but somehow I don’t think I’m going to regret this. The question is whether to reborn both or sell the kits… Trying to tell myself that I don’t need quadruplets and it isn’t working very well… 2 girls and 2 boys, one asleep and one awake…wouldn’t that be adorable! Putting together babies today to list tomorrow so I can make some others while I’m waiting for the packages to arrive. How long does it take???

They also have them here: BBreborns

my daughter just ordered me one for my Christmas present. I have the best daughter in the world. :smile: so now i will have both presleys YEA ME

46 remaining at 6:06pm Central time.

Hey Pia! How do you see how how much stock of different items is left? That would be helpful so often!

You put an amount in your basket and then go up or down in quantity until you find the maximum it will let you buy. now there are 68.

Cool. Good idea!

They all come with a CoA, and are individually numbered, and the CoA is hand-signed by Denise Pratt. And, there will only be 1500 sold total of each Presley.

Bountiful Baby

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@maitreasuredbabies, We are expecting to release Asher Asleep approximately within 2-3 weeks. I will do my best to keep everyone up-to-date on the status, however, we do not have an exact estimated date yet.

Bountiful Baby


7% out of 1500 is 105. NOT 300 something.

Please see my post response to Ginas_reborns on doll-fan, here:


The relevant part of my post there is this:

When I tried to release Presley Asleep last Monday morning at 12:01AM, there were so many people on our website that it was like a “Denial Of Service” attack (Google that phrase if you are not sure what that is). I couldn’t even add the Presley Asleep kits to the website, because the website would not respond due to so many people on it.

So, I booted everybody off. Then I put the website into maintenance mode, then I added the Presley Asleep kits, then I took it out of maintenance mode and let people order.
The first order rolled in at 12:12AM. Then, within 8 minutes, we sold almost $30,000 worth.

We continued to have sporadic service for quite awhile. It was literally more than the website could handle. I “babied” the website (adjusting session time-outs, and things like that) to keep it running, but it was difficult.

During this website difficulty, the website count went off. I didn’t dare do anything about it until the dust had settled, and the orders were shipped, and we then counted what we had remaining in the warehouse. I then put most of the remaining on the website a couple days ago.

Also, it is because of this experience with Presley Asleep that we did not announce Presley Awake’s release. I did not dare to. I instead chose to quietly release, and do it at a time when people would least expect it. I am sorry if this caused any inconvenience, but I didn’t dare do it any other way.

We will still be having approximately another 150 Presley Asleep put on the website in order to fill the release of 1500, but those will probably not be put on until sometime in November. We won’t even have them in our warehouse until then.

With Presley Awake, we will likewise have a release of 1500, with each having a hand-signed and hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Of those 1500, I originally put 1200 on the website. Of the 1200 I put on the website, we currently have 254 remaining (as I write this). So, about 80% of the ones that I put on the website are now sold. And we will similarly have a few hundred more sometime in November.

Also, as of right now, we are still approximately four business days behind on shipping.

Nevin Pratt
CEO, Bountiful Baby

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Thanks Nevin - I appreciate the explanation of the release so quickly of the additional “sleeping” babies. Also happy to hear that you are behind on shipping, because I keep checking for shipping notification for the 3 kits I have ordered since Wednesday. As always, you guys run a premier company.

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Nevin you are great, thanks for the explanation. I have on the way an awake and an asleep (my favorite) cant wait until they arrive. I am making these both for me YEA me…

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