A customer took credit for my work

I made a custom doll for someone I know who used to make porcelain dolls. She was giving the doll as a gift to a relative. When they received it and made a big fuss over how beautiful she was, she didn’t correct them when they assumed she had made it. I am not angry but I just find it weird. Why accept praise that doesn’t belong to you? Strange


I agree with you I could never feel right doing that, weird that she did

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I definitely wouldn’t do that. It’s dishonest and things like that will come back to bite you in the bum.
What if another relative wants one and asks her to make one? What if they ask questions about how she made it?


Ugh! How do you know? Did you see the comments?

I think this is the sort of thing that, at least for me, depends a lot on tone and situation. Like, when I make a cake from a boxed mix and someone compliments it, for the longest time I would correct them since all I did was stir, but now I just say thank you and move on.
So if it was just a case of them saying the doll was beautiful (or something similar) and your friend saying thank you I don’t think it’s too odd, sort of reminds me of when you buy someone a store bought baby gift and then they compliment you on how nice it is - of course you didn’t make it but you still accept the compliment in a way. Of course there’s a good chance that she was doing it in a shady way, but without having more information I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion.


No–she told me. She said they thought she made it so she “went with it”.

oh jeeez… what? That is crazy to me!

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Geeze. What is it with people, anyway??? :angry: She couldn’t have just corrected them???

Well, the joke’s on her if they ask to watch her make another one! :laughing::rofl::smile:


Good grief…that’s crazy.


I was thinking the same thing. They are telling people she made it and they will be asking her to make them one. I think it will bite her. This could be embarrassing for her.


So true! I won’t sell any babies I reborn because it relieves my stress. I know my artistic quality isn’t very good. It may never be but I enjoy watching videos and seeing the work of great artists. I can’t or won’t pretend to be good at this art.